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    "Thanks for providing great solutions for my entire data entry needs. Your team did great job for us. Thanks for everything."
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Gajanan Enterprise since 2003 provides Data Entry services and solutions and since 2008 provides Web development and application development that bring business value to the customer and establish long-term relationship with all our global clients. We believe that our client's goals are our own.We are providing better solutions in affordable price for our clients. Since 2010 we are started OMR printing and processing. We are distributed OMR sheets, OMR/Image Scanners and softwares in India and overseas as well.
OMR Sheet Scanning
We process Pre-examination and Post-examination Result Processing of various government departmental exam forms by automatic data capture using OCR/ICR tools or by manual data entry depending on client requirement and the quality of the input format.
Optical Mark Reader
Optical Mark Reader is a high-tech data input device . OMR can be widely used in education examinations, signing up, subject choice, data statistics and evaluation in fields such as vote, transportation, human resources, fiscal taxation and finance and so on. OMR is generally distinguished from optical character recognition (OCR) by the fact that a complicated pattern recognition engine is not required. That is, the marks are constructed in such a way that there is little chance of not reading the marks correctly. This does require the image to have high contrast and an easily recognizable or irrelevant shape. Optical mark recognition (OMR) is the scanning of paper to detect the presence or absence of a mark in a predetermined position. Optical mark recognition has evolved from several other technologies. In the early 19th century and 20th century patents were given for machines that would aid the blind.
                Optical Mark reading (OMR) is a method of entering data into a computer system. Optical Mark Readers reads pencil or pen marks made in pre-defined positions on paper forms as responses to questions or tick list prompts. The OMR data entry system contains the information to convert the presence or absence of marks into a computer data file.
Data Processing
Data processing pertains to the capture, digitization and processing of data that originates from various sources. That’s including Forms Processing, Transaction Processing, and Information Processing. Mainly Data processing include two types of data processings such as Mannual Data Processing and Automatic Data Processing in last two decades we are using computers for Data entry that exactly the example of mannual data processing. During data entry that data is processed and which turns into an Information but major disadvantage of Mannual Data Processing is that, It is very time consuming process that's why the today's world turns to Automatic Data Processing.
                Automatic Data Processing is a process in which we can make at most Data entry through the machines in other words we overcome the time comsumption problem afterall time always matters for client as well as Host. Automatic Data Processing is a boon for all business organizations which are based on Data Processing. That's why our company also focuses on Automation.
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